For my senior thesis, I've created a collection called ‘Paro-llel’. The concept involved a bland, working man who habitually lives in a mundane lifestyle. He gets up early in the morning, dresses up like a wall street man, and walks out of his door for work. Each steps he takes with his dark caramel leather shoes, he questions his every motive of what he wants in life.


He gets into the train with people packed in like a can of sardines, smelling the humidity of all human breaths that pass through each station. Enters through a glass revolving doors, and deals with a bunch of fuck-ups and bullshits.


All he can look forward to is, his upcoming trip this weekend...


He was an adrenaline junkie, and his main high was found in parachutes and skydiving. Since he lived in a world of flooded people and tiny spaces, being outside is the only time he could actually hear himself think. He loves the outdoors and appreciates the quiet moments. It was his way of letting go.


Every weekend, he drives far across town and drives up on the stumbling roads to the mountains with his friends.


Before he gears up on the grassy mountain top, he calculates and observes the windy conditions. He looks further ahead and traces his imaginary line, from his take off point to his landing zone. Closing his eyes momentarily, he quietly said his favorite quote to himself...


“For once you’ve tasted flight, you will walk on earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.-- DaVinci”


He runs until his feet stops touching the ground. And he starts gazing at the world in a different perspective. After a good 15 minutes up in the air that feels like a glorious eternity, he targets his landing zone and flies straight there. He glides down with his brake handles, pulls it down forward, then gracefully lands on his two feet. Just landing on two imaginary lines that meet tangiently but never intersect. It’s a near-balance moment. His feet are parallel to each other.