Taeyeon Kim

Hello World!

My name is Tae.

From a big city climber moving into smaller community was pretty daring and bold this past year.

Originally studied fashion design at The New School of Design in NYC. But switched my motive into a different industry where I can be able to apply my skill sets creatively.

I like to consider myself as a well-rounded designer and an avid-learner with an interesting and versatile background. I develop, re-create and polish my performance with my own creativity.


2015 - 2016

Technical Freelancer | Solomon Page Group


Apprentice Tailor | Rory Duffy, NYC

2009 - 2013

Parsons, The New School of Design

BFA Fashion Design

2017 >

Product & Graphic Design | Freelancing

2014 - 2015

Design Freelancer | Theory LLC, NYC

2010 - 2014

Product Developer & Assistant Patternmaker

One Stop INC, NYC



Tae really took the time to understand my rough draft idea for the company logo. I appreciate that she asked me a lot of questions to find the inherent inspiration/motivation behind it.


What she delivered went above and beyond my own vision. I should add that the turnaround time for this was impressively short. Out of urgency, I requested it the DAY BEFORE, which is not the norm. Simply put, I will be recommending her as my first choice.

- Diana K.

Taey has been great to work with - very fast turnaround and great designs. Love her creative background and process. We are early in the process of branding our company but she has worked quickly to try to help us create a vision - very reasonable price and quality work!

- Meaghan J.

Tae was very responsive, quick to understand my client's branding guidelines and had a fast turnaround. She followed all my editorial feedback closely and the final product was imaginative and creative — I definitely plan on using her for future graphic design needs for my clients.

- Patty M.C.

Very diverse and very talented!!!

- Oluwatoyin F.